Jef Neve presents 'Spirit Control'

Tuesday Mar 28 2017 - 20:00
Ancienne Belgique
boulevard Anspach, 110
1000 Brussels
The very first jazz album was released 100 years ago: The Original Dixieland Jass Band with ‘Livery Stable Blues’. That’s why AB will be paying extra attention to jazz for a year. From contemporary classics to musical troublemakers who are inspired by jazz, to the latest incredibly headstrong jazz generation from local soil. “Wat als je voelt dat je op topsnelheid bent? Wat als plots in het midden van je leven alle zeilen in de juiste richting staan? ‘Spirit Control’, het gevoel dat je geest eindelijk doet wat je altijd verlangd hebt, de gedachte dat je zelf aan het roer staat nu, een heerlijk gevoel van vrijheid.” (Jef Neve) Jazz pianist Jef Neve is feeling pretty good these days, so much so that he believes his latest album ‘Spirit Control’ might well his best album ever. After an already fantastic career (both solo and in trio, as well as collaborations with the likes of José James and Gabriel Rios), he now feels that his work, as composer, has attained a level at which it can be appreciated for its full worth.   The tempo is high on ‘Spirit Control’, the piano pushes the current forwards, drums and electronica get your underbelly rumbling, while the strings provide the drama. This results in lively songs that you can feel the underlying beat of, dragged along in the rhythm of the timing. “Kom kijken, want het wordt spectaculair” – says Jef Neve. Line up: Jef Neve (Piano) Jens Bouttery (Drums, Electronica) Lennart Heyndels (Bass, Cello) Strijkkwartet: Christophe Pochet (violin) Cristina Constantinescu (violin) Sander Geert (tenor violin) Marlon Dek (cello)
Jef Neve