Beats & Pieces Big Band

Thursday Nov 23 2017 - 20:30
Centre for Fine Arts - BOZAR
Rue Ravenstein, 23
1000 Brussels
Beats & Pieces is young. Beats & Pieces is hip. For years now, Beats & Pieces, the British band based around the talented composer-arranger Ben Cottrell, has been offering a refreshing take on the big band of the twenty-first century.  They embrace multimedia and bring a fresh new breeze to the genre with infectious flair. Beats & Pieces have already done well in the United Kingdom and are gradually gaining hold in the rest of Europe. The concert at BOZAR is a Belgian first! They have two evocative albums to their name and the third is in the pipeline. We’re curious to see what Ben Cottrell and his mates will produce next.
Cottrell (composer,director)