The Strypes

Tuesday Jan 30 2018 - 20:00
Ancienne Belgique
boulevard Anspach
1000 Brussels
Four Irish rock-’n-roll juveniles mix bold blues, sixties punk-on-speed and raw garage-rock into a magnificent musical clobbering! The young twenty-somethings have already made three albums (their latest, ‘Spitting Image’, dates from June ’17) and  they can count guitar gods like Jeff Beck, Miles Kane, Noel Gallagher, Dave Grohl, Roger Daltrey and Paul Weller amongst their fans. Their cockiness is directly proportionate to their talent and they play scorchingly swift and keen, as we already witnessed in’15 at a jam-packed, quickly sold-out AB Box. Here they are again! Photo © Rob Benson
The Strypes, Max Meser