Concert of the Hot Jazz Band - Bauhaus Exhibition Finissage

Wednesday Jan 24 2018 - 19:00
Balassi Institute
Treurenberg, 10
1000 Brussels
The Hot Jazz Band is coming on the occasion of the end of The Hungarian Bauhaus and its Heritage exhibition. The Hot Jazz Band ensemble celebrates its thirty-year formation. The band is best known and loved by Hungarian audiences through representing the music of the early jazz era and the Hungarian light music heritage between the two world wars (Karády, Kabos, Jávor, Latabar). In the second half of the 1990s, being the only Hungarian jazz band, they won four international competitions in France, including the most prestigious International New Orleans Jazz Competition held in St. Raphael, where the first prize was awarded for 54 bands. The American success has not been left out of the band's life either. The ensemble has been six times in the home country of Jazz and they were twice the festival's most popular band at the world's largest jazz event in Sacramento, California. Hot Jazz Band received the eMeRTon Award twice, the Lyre-Prize, the Louis Armstrong Memorial Prize as well as the Silver Life Tree Prize. In addition, they were the first Hungarian jazz band to be awarded the highest state prize, the Kossuth Prize in recognition of their valuable performance in the field of traditional jazz music, and the appreciation of their value-creating artistic work for the Hungarian light music heritage. Registration:
Tamás Benyei - trumpet, band, vocals, instrumentation, band leader László Fodor - clarinet, saxophone Lóránt Szabó - guitar, bandage Zoltán Juhász - bass player Galbács István - drums