Bru Jazz We - Esinam (ElectroAfroJazz)

Friday May 25 2018 - 20:30
Café Béguin
Place du Samedi, 12/A
1000 Brussels
The Brussels Jazz Weekend is a free festival that will give numerous jazz fans from the Brussels region and from far beyond, the opportunity to explore the city with the intoxicating, festive and warm sounds of Belgian and international jazz.> Esinam bring an African (Ghana) touch in her music. She finds inspiration in her journeys all over the world and encounters with different cultures. Born in Brussels, Esinam is a multi-instrumentalist for her solo set, using electronic machines to transform herself into a ‘’one-woman-band”. She composes, plays and performs her own music with flute, percussions, vocals as well as traditional and modern instruments. This sensitivity and new way of mixing different styles creates, colors and uplifts her musical universe. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Une participation de 10% sera ajouté à toutes vos consommations les soirs de concert. Een 10% belang wordt toegevoegd aan uw verbruik tijdens concertavonden. A 10% artistic charge will be added to your bill each concert night. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Café Béguin - - eat didons - enjoy music - live well - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Powered by MOC-MondOCultures asbl