Pepa Niebla 5tet

Thursday Jan 31 2019 - 20:30
The Music Village
rue des Pierres, 50
1000 Brussels
Top jazz singerPepa Niebla is a well known spanish singer currently based in brussel. After studying at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with David Linx, Stephane Galland among others, her voice has appeared in countless occasions in the belgian jazz landscape : collaboration, live, radio, or discography publications... Surrounded by some a top Belgian and European rhythm section, Pepa Niebla revisits jazz standards, known and unknown. The band’s dynamism offers a new approach to the old standards with original arrangements and some personal compositions. Definitely a new voice of young belgian jazz ! To discover.
Pepa Niebla (vocals), Maxime Moyaerts (piano), Daniel Jonkers (drums), Toni Mora (guitar), Alex Gilson (bass)