Dec 15 2016
In January, Belgium's capital vibrates to blue notes, saxophone crescendos and groovy rhythms. There are no fewer than three jazz festivals in the second half of the month: Brussels Jazz Festival, River Jazz Festival and Djangofolllies.


Jazz-lovers can sample the diversity of the Brussels jazz scene in numerous bars and clubs across the city, as well as at the prestigious Flagey venue. From standards, through gypsy and ethio-jazz to more progressive and free jazz, you'll find it all in Brussels in January.


12.01 > 21.01.2017

Brussels Jazz Festival - FLAGEY


Jazz Station, Marni and Senghor – three concert halls on the banks of the old riverbed Maelbeek – initiated the River Jazz Festival. For three weeks, expect to be treated to exciting but also intimate performances. Their Focus on Chet Baker will shine the spotlight on both the man and his music, and sailing across a starry night, double-bassist Nicolas Thys will plot the course for the grand finale, River Jazz Night: an entire evening dedicated to three facets of the same musician… at three different venues.


More info:        www.riverjazz.be



11.01 > 29.01.2017

Djangofolllies - Various Locations


Spurred by Koen De Cauter, Brosella launched the very first edition of Djangofolllies to honour Django Reinhardt’s musical legacy, and in 1994 decided to make it an annual occurrence to celebrate Django’s birthday. It must be said that gypsy swing fans were far from getting their fill at the time. In the meantime, Djangofolllies has become a valuable asset and an annual fixture to the delight of both ‘Django’ style devotees and those who are being introduced to the genre for the very first time.

“Django has done something which very few of us could have done. He was so exceptional that he managed on his own to forge a new music genre named gypsy swing. He was a virtuoso guitarist with a sharp feeling for lyricism, structure and balance. His unmistakable genius lies in the way he so effortlessly combined jazz with musette and gypsy music to create masterpieces which have passed and will continue to pass the test of time. He is considered to be one of the most important musical icons of the 20th century.” (Waso De Cauter)


More info:        www.brosella.be