Tribute to Louis Armstrong

Saturday Aug 24 2019 - 21:00
The Music Village
rue des Pierres, 50
1000 Brussels
+32 2 513 13 45
Trumpet player & singer Michael Varekamp is ten years old when he finds a record in his father's record collection: The Townhall Concert by Louis Armstrong. He plays it and is immediately sold. He can only think 'I want that too!'. What follows is an intensive time of trying, listening, practicing and trying again. Ten years later he travels the world as a jazz trumpet player and a Louis Armstrongconnoisseur. He has been a member of the Dutch Swing College Band for five years, receives the Japanese ‘Kobe Award’ during the Breda Jazz Festival, plays at Jazz at Lincoln Center, is special guest in the band of Kenny Ball and performs in a New Orleans program with Branford Marsalis. When – ten years later - he makes a pilgrimage to the house of Louis in New York City and is allowed to play the trumpets of Louis, he gets inspired again. Together with the famous pianist Harry Kanters he decides to create a band that approaches the music of Louis in a classic way: ‘The Louis Armstrong Celebration Band’. This band plays in the classic ‘All-Star’ line-up of Louis and focuses on the repertoire that Uncle Satchmo played in the 40s and 50s, with sometimes a dodge into the ‘Hot Five’ period. The virtuoso pianist Harry Kanters from Breda is an absolute master in the field of classic jazz, stride and swing. With his extensive repertoire, Harry is a popular pianist with 'All-Star' ensembles and a much sought-after guest soloist with many bands in various styles. Harry played frequently with top soloists such as Leroy Jones, Dan Barrett, Rod Mason, Roy Williams, Warren Vaché and Jason Marsalis. He regularly receives an invitation from international Jazz festivals and has played all over the world, from Hungary to Japan, from America to Australia. Michael and Harry decide to surround themselves with dedicated musicians who have more than earned their spurs in traditional jazz. It is with good reason that the other members of this ‘Tribute Band’ played with the Reunion Jazz Band, Glenn Miller Orchestra, Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Scott Hamilton and Lillian Boutté among others. This unique ‘All Star’ party takes the audience on a journey through time when jazz indeed was a party. The music lives and swings and makes the character of Louis almost tangible. What a Wonderful World!
Michael Varekamp (trumpet), Peter Verhas (clarinet, tenorsax), Harry Kanters (piano), Jos Machtel (bass), Eric Kooger (drums)