"Guitar Giants" - Jeanfrançois Prins plays Jazz Guitar Masters

Saturday Jul 31 2021 - 20:30
The Music Village
rue des Pierres, 50
1000 Brussels
+32 2 513 13 45
Jeanfrançois Prins' vocabulary expresses the full spectrum of jazz guitar. Having worked all over the world with exceptional artists, he has an immediately recognizable sound and style, one where melody is what counts, however relaxed or adventurous the context may be. With this band, Prins pays tribute to some of the greatest jazz guitarists, playing music from Django Reinhardt to Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall, George Benson, John Scofield, Pat Metheny, etc… and invoking their spirits without trying to merely copy them. This is a real journey through music history, from Swing to Bebop, Fusion, Funk and more. Join him and his all-stars rhythm section for an evening of exciting and joyful music. "Jeanfrançois Prins is a melodic storyteller…" New York Times
Jeanfrançois Prins (guitar, vocals), (Johan Clement piano, keys), Bart De Nolf (bass), Bruno Castellucci (drums)