Eve Beuvens

Wednesday Sep 22 2021 - 19:00
Centre for Fine Arts - Bozar
Rue Ravenstein, 23
1000 Brussels
+32 2 507 82 00
Solo & Invites Malia Limbosch & BOWThe Belgian composer and pianist Eve Beuvens was an apprentice to the most diverse musicians such as Nathalie Loriers, Kris Defoort and John Taylor. Having worked in various ensembles, she has been working hard on her solo career for the past few years. Her compositions are particularly stunning and feel intimate. She describes her own music as ‘a form of impressionist jazz’. During this concert she presents her new album Inner Geography, released by Igloo, and will therefore be joined by Bow, a string quintet that juggles with written music and improvisation, while exploring the possibilities of the instruments. Choreographer Malia Limbosch provides a visual dimension.
Beuvens (piano), Limbosch (dance), Benoît Leseure (violin), BOW, Durdu (viola), Horbazweski (cello), de Haes (double-bass)