New date: Jef Neve presenteert 'Mysterium'

Tuesday Oct 19 2021 - 19:00
Ancienne Belgique
boulevard Anspach, 110
1000 Brussels
+32 2 548 24 84
Jef Neve launches his latest albumThis is a Covid Safe Ticket concert! What do you need?‘In a world where all information is very quickly obtainable, I have a need for mystery: the power of a quest for truth, the childlike pleasure of accepting that I don’t understand it, that I am ignorant. For the instrumentation, I was inspired by the massive sound of three tenor saxes (that can sound both aggressive and soothing, as freely improvising as obligatorily classic). I complete them with trumpet and bass trombone, two extremes in the tessiture of the brass section. The sound of piano and contrabass are familiar to me from the start, and form the structure on which I have built the compositions. I invite you to let yourself be swept away into this fantasy world where surprises are never far removed.’ (Jef Neve on his new album)