New Project (8.30pm) CHAÄR - The Electric Silk Road - Followed by Jazz Session

Tuesday Oct 19 2021 - 20:30
The Music Village
rue des Pierres, 50
1000 Brussels
+32 2 513 13 45
CHAÄR is a band lead by the talented guitarist Alexandre Hessabi. The Electric Silk Road is a fairly new project that takes roots into Alexandre's will to do the bridge between his Eastern roots and his Western culture. From the mountain of Panshir in Afghanistan to the cities of Europe, it tells the story of a journey that can take different path for different is the goal of every single man, but going through, one looks to reach only one single destination, Home. Accompanied by Tomas Rivera (from Chile) on piano, Louise Van Den Heuvel (from Nederland) on electric bass and Oscar Georges (from France) on drums, those four colorful musicians, invite you to book a sit and travel with them.
Alexandre Hessabi (guitar), Tomas Rivera (piano), Louise Van Den Heuvel (bass), Oscar Georges (drums)