Flat Earth Day

19/03 - Bozar
Mar 7 2016
For the first time, BOZAR has offered a residency to a jazz ensemble, Peter Vermeersch's Flat Earth Society. On Flat Earth Day this spring, you can enjoy a concert to launch a Frank Zappa tribute album, with Mauro Pawlowski as the ensemble's guest, and musical shadow theatre by saxophonist Bruno Vansina, as well as other inspiring projects.


Too Noisy Fish

Peter Vandenberghe  – Kristof Roseeuw – Teun Verbruggen 

This fish isn’t just loud; it has a sense of rhythm too. Peter Vandenberghe, Kristof Roseeuw and Teun Verbruggen make up the rhythm section of Flat Earth Society. Together the piano trio forms Too Noisy Fish. In total liberty they set out to discover every possible style, from jazz, film and classical to ambient and rock. Please note: you don’t have to have a split personality but it helps.



Bart Maris & Loops

Bart MarisMichael Vatcher

It doesn’t always have to be digital, this is what trumpet player Bart Maris must have been thinking when he came up with Loops. The project consists of an actual orchestra made up of old tape recorders, each with a sound excerpt of a different length played in a loop. The result is an ever-changing carpet of sound which forms the backdrop to Maris’ searing trumpet solos.



Bruno Vansina - Het Serpent

Pierre VervloesemFrank Van EyckenBruno VansinaKatrien VandergootenIsabelle De KeyserBram Goots

The Serpent is a phantasmagoria. A what? The performance is just as thrilling as it sounds. In a visual interplay of light and shade Bruno Vansina fantasises about extra-terrestrial life. In the tale the creature sometimes appears as a snake, sometimes as a young woman. Short scenes follow on from one another. Shadows and melodies run into one another, sounds and shapes become entangled in an exotic dance.



Flat Earth Society & Mauro Pawlowski

Terms of Embarrassment

Peter VermeerschBenjamin BoutreurBerlinde DemanMichel MastPeter DelannoyeMarc MeeuwissenPeter VandenberghePierre VervloesemTeun VerbruggenKristof RoseeuwLuc van LieshoutTom WoutersBart MarisBruno VansinaMauro Pawlowski

Tribute to Frank Zappa - CD release Concert

Is there any artist crazier than Flat Earth Society? Perhaps not, but then again, there was Frank – Zappa, that is. In ‘Terms of Embarrassment’ the Flat Earth Society, in combination with guitar gods Pierre Vervloesem and Mauro Pawlowski, is paying homage to the pleasantly disturbed artistic jack-of-all-trades. Don’t expect covers, but rather a concert which will make Zappa’s trusted moustache shine once more from the grave. It is an evening of fresh material, embarrassing moments, overly long guitar solos, stirring group passages and a smattering of ‘Zappaesque’ mutations.


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