Jazz @ Flagey: 4.03 Estiévenart & 6.03 Bollani

Mar 3 2015
This week Flagey presents two impressive concerts: Jean-Paul Estiévenart trio on wednesday 4th of March and et Steffano Bollani solo friday 6th of March.

04.03 Jean- Paul Estiévenart trio:  "Wanted"  CD-release

Jean-Paul Estiévenart presents his new trio album "Wanted" on wednesday 4th of March. Jean-Paul Estievenart, one of the new generation of trumpet players, is an artist who astounds. Clearly a virtuoso, but also sophisticated and precise. On listening to his album Wanted, we hear a musician who takes risks with a sensibility that enthrals and charms his audience.

06.03 Stefano Bollani:  solo


Friday 6th of March Stefano Bollani will treat you on a solo set of his virtuos playing. In 2005, the Italian master of the jazz piano released his first solo album. His challenging work marked him out as an artist who was bold and awash with creativity, but which also bore witness to magnificent artistic coherence. Ten years on, Flagey invites you to come and appreciate what he has achieved.